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Unprecedented Conference at City College December 11, 2004

From: Nohelia Ramos
Wednesday, December 06, 2004 5:51 PM

Come to the Resistencia Estudiantil's "Resistence Movements" forum to learn about the on-going struggle against the right-wing, neo-conservative attacks against humanity, which are taking place both at home and abroad.

Featured Speakers: Al-Awda (Palestinian), AFSC (Christian Ramirez,) Mexico Solidarity Network (Enrique Davalos,) Indymedia/Organic Collective (Michael Cardenas) and more!!!

The following issues will be discussed:

Tenants' Rights and Government Housing Subsidies (Section 8); Journalism and Non-Corporate Media; Women's Reproductive Rights; Maquiladoras; Strategies for Organizing; Gay Rights; Imperialism in the Middle East (Iraq and Palestine); Immigrant Rights; the Afrikan struggle for greater national rights in Costa Chica, Mexico (Afro-Mexican community in the Pacific Coast.)

Time and Date/Fecha y hora: Saturday, December 11, from 10am to 2pm.
Place/Lugar: S.D. City College, Room Number TBA

*Tendremos mesas disponibles para propaganda. Si estan interesados en reservar una para sus respectivos grupos, porfavor comuniquense con nosotros lo mas pronto posible.

*Literature tables are available. Those who are interested, please RSVP to Nohelia.

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