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A Caged Existence - Photo by Bruce Gowdy
Press Releases
  8/11/06 San Diegans to Protest Israeli Aggression and War Crimes in Lebanon and Palestine
  2/9/05 Inspirational San Diego Artist to Unveil New Painting in Honor of Palestinian Artist Naji el-Ali
  6/10/04 Al-Awda California Launches New Website
  6/4/04 Protest against 37 years of Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip and West Bank
  3/9/04 "Day of The Land" Teach In
Sustainable Struggle: The Road to Palestine
"The Right to Return and Geneva" Teach In
Al-Awda San Diego Launches New Website
Jewish settlers harrassing a Palestinian woman  
Relevant News Articles
The right of return
Appeal: Web lets Palestinian children find world beyond refugee camp

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