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   Press Release

For Immediate Release
August 11, 2006

San Diegans to Protest Israeli Aggression and War Crimes in Lebanon and Palestine

San Diego, CA - A major demonstration to protest the ongoing aggression, massacres, and genocide Israel is committing in Lebanon and Palestine will take place this Saturday August 12, 2006 in San Diego. The protest, which will begin at noon at the fountain in Balboa Park, is one of numerous protests that will take place this Saturday in cities across the US including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta and Washington DC. The key demands of the protests are an end to all US aid to Israel, the end of Israeli aggression and all occupation, and the return of all Palestinian and Lebanese refugees to their homes and lands.

The massive pre-meditated Israeli onslaught on the Palestinian and Lebanese civilian populations coupled to the unabashed support this has received from the Bush administration and Congress has outraged people around the world. "The US media's complicity in covering up the billions of tax money that Israel gets from the US every year and which it uses to kill innocent civilians will sure outrage Americans many of whom can not afford health insurance and medicine. US aid to Israel has to stop, and the US media has to start reporting facts" said Yousef Abudayyeh of the San Diego Chapter of the National Council of Arab Americans. "Palestinian and Lebanese refugees must be able to exercise their inalienable human right to return to their homes and lands from which they have been illegally displaced by Israel" said Dr. Manal Swairjo of Al Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition.

The San Diego protest which was called for by the local chapters of The National Council of Arab Americans and Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition, has been co-sponsored by numerous other San Diego organizations including The International Action Center (IAC), International Socialist Organization (ISO), Middle East Cultural and Information Center (MECIC), Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation (MSA Freedom Foundation), Muslim Student Association West (MSA West), The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and The Raza Rights Coalition. The demonstration is expected to draw hundreds of protestors.

For further information and media interviews, call:

Yousef Abudayyeh - 619-980-0677
Dr. Manal Swairjo - 619-206-3864

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