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For Immediate Release

Announcement - Meeting on Saturday April 30, 2005

After having been part of the host committee organizing Al-Awda's successful third annual international convention in Los Angeles, the San Diego chapter of Al-Awda will restart holding its usual biweekly organizing meetings for its members beginning on Saturday April 30, 2005 at 2 PM at the Price Center cafeteria at UCSD.

The agenda items for the meeting include:

1. Report backs from Al-Awda's 2005 Convention in Los Angeles

2. Election of new Al-Awda San Diego officers (including treasurer, secretary, outreach and media coordinators, as well as those of chair and vice chair who will also represent us on Al-Awda's coordinating committees)

3. Upcoming events including screenings of "Until when ..." with Students for Justice at UCSD, and the new film "Rachel Corrie, An American Conscience" with IAC.

4. Other items.

The meeting is open to all Al-Awda San Diego Members.

Directions: If you exit the 5 North freeway at Gilman Dr. and follow it around as it curves through the campus, you'll reach a street called Myers Drive. From Gilman, make a left onto Myers. Meyers becomes an oval-shaped parking lot, where you can park in metered spaces. At the end of the parking lot is a big beige structure - that's the Price Center.

There is also free parking in a large concrete parking structure which you can get to on Gilman past Meyers and turning left at the next intersection (the structure is on the corner).

If you exit the 5 South freeway at La Jolla Village Drive, take a right on Villa La Jolla Drive. At the second light take a left onto Gilman Dr. followed by a right onto Myers Drive. You can park at Meyers in metered spaces and go to the Price Center as described above. Alternatively, the large concrete parking structure would be directly in front at the intersection of Villa La Jolla Drive and Gilman Dr.

For further information on directions, please go to search for "Price Center" and click on either "Visitor" or "simple" in the left hand column to get a traditional map (on which you can zoom in and out).

Parking at UCSD is free on week-ends.


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