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17 June 2004
For Immediate Release

US citizen and San Diego resident Beatrice Dewing is being held at Lod airport ("Ben Gurion") near Tel Aviv for attempting to visit friends and holy sites in Bethlehem. A judge has already granted an 'infringement' against deportation but she is still being prevented from entering the country.

Beatrice has been held at the airport since Sunday. Her deportation hearing is scheduled for tomorrow. If she refuses to leave, she will be forced to leave 'accompanied' by Israeli security to Milan, Italy.

Another Californian, Brook Atherton, from the Bay Area is also being held and threatened with deportation tomorrow.

We are appealing for their release and entry into the country. Bea's lawyer has stated that a fax from a congressperson will go a long way to expediting her release and allowing them to continue their journey.

We ask San Diegans, California residents and everyone you know to call their congress people to ask them to send faxes to the Israeli Ministry of Interior asking for the immediate release of Beatrice Dewing and Brooks Addington, and for their entry into the country. In addition, please call the American Consulate and Embassy. The number of the Consulate in Jerusalem is (972)2-622-7230. The number of the embassy in Tel Aviv, is (972)3-519-7575.

To identify and contact your congressional representative, please go to and enter your zipcode.

Letters in the US may be faxed online via:


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