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For Immediate Release

Palestinian Dance Troupe, El-Funoun, in San Diego County on November 15, 2006

What: El-Funoun Palestinian Dance Company
When: November 15, 2006, 7:30 PM
Where: San Diego East County Performing Arts Center

El-Funoun, one of Palestine’s revered dance companies, is preparing to tour North America this November with one of its most ambitious and vibrant performances. San Diego is one of four American cities, along with Chicago, Detroit, and Boston, where the celebrated dance troupe will be performing. The group has an internationally acclaimed reputation with an extensive record of over one thousand performances throughout Europe, the Arab World, and the U.S.

Building on the success of its U.S. tour in 2005, El-Funoun has entitled its program for 2006, “Dance Freedom!” This program presents enduring Palestinian, as well as universal cultural themes, such as love, harvesting, and historical memory in a more contemporary setting. Its aim is to communicate, in the spirited manner of dance, the vigor of Arab-Palestinian culture to the American public, especially in the aftermath of recent events in Lebanon, occupied Palestine and elsewhere. The program is scheduled to include several dances to music by renowned Lebanese musicians Marcel Khalife and Ziad Rahabani, as well as a tribute to Beirut. As the New York Times emphasized in its review of the 2005 tour, El-Funoun gives Americans a rare opportunity to see the radiant, popular and unique repertoires of Palestinian dance.

El-Funoun will be performing in San Diego on November 15, 2006 at the East County Performing Arts Center, 210 East Main Street in El Cajon. For driving directions please use

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