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Commemorate The Sabra and Shatila Massacre Screening - Frontiers of Fears and Dreams by Mai Masri

When: 1:30 PM Saturday September 15, 2007

Join Al-Awda San Diego this Saturday as we commemorate the Sabra and Shatila Massacre 25 years later - The commemoration (and post film discussion) will be led by Mahmoud Zubaidi, Coordinator of Al-Awda's West Coast Refugee Support Committee.

About the Massacre

The Sabra and Shatila Refugee Camp Massacre took place between 15 to 18 September 1982. This massacre is considered the bloodiest single atrocity committed against the Palestinian people in living history. Similar in magnitude to the September 11, 2001 attacks on the US, which left close to 3000 innocent people dead, according to the International Committee of the
Red Cross, more than 2,750 Palestinian men, women and children were massacred in the Sabra and Shatila camps in Beirut while the city was occupied by the Israeli army.

The principal war criminal bearing legal responsibility for the massacre is then Israeli Minister of Defense, General Ariel Sharon - the perpetrator of the Kibya Massacre nearly thirty years before. Even Israel's Kahan Commission could not hide the fact that Ariel Sharon was "personally responsible" for the Sabra and Shatila massacre. Until recently, Ariel Sharon was Israel's elected prime minister.

About the Film Frontiers of Fears and Dreams

Frontiers of Fears and Dreams is an outstanding documentary film which touches on life in the refugee camps of Shatila in Lebanon and Deheisha near Bethlehem through the eyes of children growing up within the camp walls. Focusing on 2 young girls, Mona, 13 yrs old from Shatila, and Manar, 14, from Deheisha, the lives, dreams and experiences of the girls, their families and peers are touchingly presented to the viewer.

Although living under Israeli military oppression and in exile, the girls find ways to live as normal teenagers, enjoying birthdays, taking care of daily chores, attending schools when open, and discussing fashion, love and normal teenage concerns. Mona and Manar who both have been orphaned by the massacres and sieges upon the camps, are still able to celebrate life and keep the spirit of their identity and homeland alive. The children in the camps sing tearful nationalistic songs, discuss the history of their homeland, and how politics affect them as displaced persons. Scenes are shown of the children working on a camp beautification program and painting the walls with heartfelt pictures reflecting their love of Palestine and each other.

The girls get to know each other as pen pals, sending letters, gifts, and e-mail. At one point in the film, Mona asks Manar to visit her original homeland village near Nazareth, as she is unable to cross the Lebanese border to occupied Palestine. Manar relates to her the visions and feelings experienced there and also video tapes her visit.

An emotionally charged meeting between the two girls was filmed at the Lebanese-Israeli barbed wire border. Non stop talk, tears, hugs, and kisses were exchanged through the metal chain-link divider.

The message sent by "Frontiers of Dreams and Fears" is not one of despair but that of hope. Hope for goodness, dignity, and solidarity.

About the filmmaker: Mai Masri- Producer & Director

Mai Masri is a Palestinian filmmaker, graduate of San Francisco State University. She has directed and produced several award winning films that are broadcast on more than 100 television stations around the world. Ms. Masri formed MTC and Nour Productions with filmmaker Jean Chamoun."Frontiers of Dreams and Fears' has won first prize at Ismailia Film Festival, a Special Jury Award at Beirut International Film Festival, the Earth Vision Award in Tokyo 2001 and Best documentary Egyptian Documentary & Film Critics Assoc. Mai has also produced 'Children of Shatila', 'Hanan Ashrawi: A Woman of Her Time', 'In the Shadows of the City', 'War
Generation-Beirut', and 'Wild Flowers' to name a few of the films which have received prestigious awards.

Admission Free! All Welcome!

Please publicize, call and invite your friends!

Note: Tickets for the upcoming Marcel Khalife concert in San Diego will be available for sale at this event.

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