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History of palestIne for Beginners

Starts Saturday January 12, 2013 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM and every Saturday thereafter for eight weeks. Instructor Dr. Zahi Damuni, Tel: 760-685-3243 Email: [email protected]

Class Location 2720 Loker Avenue West Suite J, Carlsbad CA 92010

Registration per student for entire course

Members: $70.00 Non-Members: $104.00 Please inquire about family discounts.

To regsiter by check or money order, please address to Al-Awda PRRC, PO Box 131352, Carlsbad CA 92013. To pay online please use the paypal buttons below.

Member: $70
Non-Member: $104


Recommended Text Book: Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: A History with Documents Charles D Smith Seventh Edition. This book is available via Amazon for example.


Ancient Palestine to 1914

History to the Roman Conquest
Palestine under Roman and Byzantine Rule
The Arabs and the Spread of Islam
Islam and its relationship to Judaism and Christianity
Palestine under Muslim Rule
Ottoman Rule to 1800
The Ottomans and Europe 1500-1800
The Ottomans and Europe 1800-1914

Ottoman Society, Palestine and the Origins of Zionism 1800 - 1914

Ottoman Society in the Arab Lands in the Nineteenth Century
The Lebanon to 1860
Palestine in the Nineteenth Century
Zionism: Its Origins and Development to 1914
The Jews of Western Europe
Eastern European Jewry and the Rise of Zionism
Theodor Hertzl and the Zionist Movement
The Arab Response to Zionism

World War I, Great Britain and the End of the War

World War I: The Ottoman Empire and the European Powers to July 1915
Britain and The Arabs - Husain-McMahon July 1915- January 1916
The Sykes-Picot Agreement and the Husain-McMahon Correspondence
Palestine and the Balfour Declaration
The European Powers, Zionism and the Arabs 1917-1918
The End of the War and the Mandate System

Palestine Between Wars

Zionism, The Palestinian Arabs, and the British Mandate 1920-1939
The First Phase of Colonialism and Dispossession
The First Decade of Colonialism and Dispossession
Palestinian Arab Leadership
Zionist Leadership in Palestine and Abroad
The Zionist Leadership, The British Mandate and the Arab Community
The Land
The Wailing Wall 1928-1929
Settlement Expansion, Palestinian Arab Rebellion, and British Plans
The Arab Revolt: Its Roots and Impact
The 1939 White Paper: Background and Consequences
Britain and Palestine on the Eve of World War II

Al-Nakba - The Depopulation and Dispossession of Palestine

Palestinian Refugees Today
1949-1957 and Suez
Suez to the 1967 Israeli Attack
1967 to the 1973 War
Lebanon, The West Bank and Camp David
The History of Palestinian Resistance, the Rise and Fall of the PLO and PA
The Oslo Agreement and its Consequences - "The Peace of the Braves"?
The Rise of the Islamic Resistance
A New World Order - The Neoconservative Plan
The Axis of Evil Syndrome - Imperial Domination of Palestine, Lebanon, Syrira
and Iran - Why?

New agreements anyone? What Does the Future Hold?


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