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Press Release

10 June 2004
For immediate release

Al-Awda California Launches New Website

Al-Awda's Chapters in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco are pleased to announce the launching of our new Al-Awda California website at This website is intended to complement our existing websites -;; and; to enhance our chapters' efforts to coordinate our activities for the right to return in California; to promote the formation of additional Al-Awda chapters in California, and as a communication vehicle for grassroots activists working for Palestinian refugee and other Palestinian human rights. To join our existing chapters or to start an Al-Awda chapter in your California town or city, please visit and, respectively.

In addition to providing information on the mission, goals and points of unity of our chapters, Al-Awda's California website provides a listing of audio/video resources, factsheets,  other educational resources on the human and legal rights of Palestinian refugees and links to Palestinian Arab and other informational websites.

To view our website, go to

We welcome your comments.

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