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If you are driving to the conference and coming north on I-5, exit at Gilman Drive and follow it as it curves through the campus. From Gilman make a left onto Meyers Drive.

If you are driving to the conference and coming south on I-5, exit onto La Jolla Village Drive. At the first traffic light on La Jolla Village drive, make a right onto Villa la Jolla Drive. Continue to the second traffic light on Villa la Jolla Drive. You can either park at the parking garage in front of you or you can make a left onto Gilman and then a right onto Meyers Drive at the stop sign.

For directions on campus, please insert "Center Hall" or "Price Center" in the search box and click on either "Visitor" or "Simple" in the left hand column to get a traditional map on which you can zoom in and out.

For other transport information, including train, bus etc., please see this UCSD transportation guide. Please note that if you are planning to stay at the Radisson Hotel in La Jolla, the hotel provides a free shuttle bus ride from the airport.


You may park on Meyers Drive and the streets near it in metered spaces or in the large parking structure on Gilman (past Meyers Drive if you use the I-5 north directions above).

Please note - Parking at the UCSD campus in La Jolla is free on week-ends.

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